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Turben Developmental Services is a not-for-profit organization providing child development and parent education for adults and their young children as well as prevention and intervention services and technical assistance.

Susan Turben has M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education. She is a Cleveland-based child development specialist who has pioneered a number of nationally and internationally known programs for infants, toddlers and children 3 - 8 years old. She has been active in early childhood and special education, as well as Head Start and Early Intervention, as a parent educator and developmental specialist. Dr. Turben also has done extensive work with families and children with disabilities. She's had her own radio show and has been on many morning shows around the United States.

Her no-nonsense approach to parenting has made her a prominent expert in her field. This website is full of relevant information for both parents and professionals.

Blogging with Dr. Susan

Global Developmental Delay

Question: This is about an infant one year old with global developmental delay due to epilepsy from the age of three months. Complete control from 11 months. Sitting with support. Hearing sound well. Not responding by turning head toward the direction of sound. According to Docs seeing dim light and following light. Unable to recognize mother. 
   Thank you so much for bringing More »

Myths about Infants

                          Common Myths About Infants   ·      My baby is spoiled. Not True.  Infants have needs and the only way they can express their needs are to cry or make noises.  “But my baby quits crying when I pick him/her up”.  Then you have met his/her need for that moment.  The infant may More »

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